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Listing your hotel on our site is extremely easy and free! We also offer our customers optional listing upgrades to increase your listings exposure.  Please review the pricing schedule below before registering to use our site.

Listing Placement Price Plan

Prices for 3 years of listing

Standard Listing - FREE!


*Detailed description of your Hotel

*Up to 6 free photo's!

*Adress and contact details

*URL link to website (if applicable)

*Spam Free Response System

*Listing Reply Messaging Center

*User Management Facility to Edit Listings in REAL time

*Initial exposure on Main page in "Newest Hotel Listings"

*Exposure to all of the major search engines


Listing Upgrades - Drastically Increase your listing exposure with any of these Listing Upgrades:

Featured Listing- $9.99

Displayed at top of selected location

Randomly displayed on Main page

Bold Listing - $4.99

Hotel Name displayed in Bold font with yellow background to make it stand out.

Through your hotel will be listed across all major search engines to attract thousands of new visitors every day!

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